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A new generation

Hotel Löwen am See in Zug was first mentioned in historical records in 1524. Each owner has been entered in the land register as of 1792. Since this time, the building has been extended and converted three times.

The last extension, which now houses the restaurant / brasserie at ground level, the 150 m2 banquet hall with 6 meter-high ceilings on the second story and guest rooms on the third and fourth story, was completed in 1884. A cellar was also added during the extension work.

On top of this, the building was electrified. Newly fitted electric lights were blazing at the opening of the grand hall on New Year’s Eve, making Hotel Löwen in Zug the first hotel in Switzerland to provide its guests with the luxury of electric lighting. The times were difficult, however, and both owners and leaseholders changed frequently.

On December 20, 1968, a fire broke out and destroyed the attic as well as the third and fourth stories.  Thankfully, the hotel was closed for its annual vacation and the damage was material only. Theres and Josef Ruckli managed Hotel Löwen am See in Zug as leaseholders for 22 years before becoming the 39th certified owners in 1998.

At the end of September 1998, the hotel closed its doors for a complete overhaul. During the 10-month renovation project, the big hall was converted into guest rooms. The Hotel and Brasserie Löwen am See will be managed by the Ruckli’s son Christoph as of March 2015.